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About Dr.Frank


Dr. Frank Polivka began his journey to becoming a chiropractor as a patient in 2009. After being under chiropractic care, he noticed seasonal illnesses, such as allergies, didn't affect him as much as they once had. It was at the suggestion of a chiropractor that got him to research what a career as a chiropractor might look like. It took a week and several clues that made him realize he had he had found a new career path.


Dr. Polivka’s varied background of studying mathematics, working with healthcare data analytics, and as an Army medic has given him a unique perspective of how he sees life and health. He knew there had to be an explanation that would account for the capacity of the body to heal and be healthy. He believes that if we understand how the body functions, we can take control of our health, prevent disease, and ultimately change the way we look at health care!


Dr. Polivka is passionate about helping patients get their life back as they return to health. This passion has fueled his drive in his search for how to best care for patients. With a few hundred techniques to pick from, Dr. Polivka needed something that made the most sense to him.  Something with a strong sense of objectivity, a way to explain outcomes that defied logic, and an ability to duplicate results in a way that could be predicted. After several years of studying and research, Dr. Frank decided he would practice NUCCA. The NUCCA technique offered Dr. Frank the objectivity he knew he wanted for patient care.

It has been a long journey to this point for Dr. Frank and he is thankful everyday for the work he does. Dr. Frank studied  at Life Chiropractic College West and graduated in December of 2016. He moved to Orange County in late 2018 and is excited to serve the community.

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